Tessa Violet


In 2018 Tessa Violet released “Crush,” the first single from her debut album “Bad Ideas.” In the time since, Tessa has gone from an acoustic-leaning solo artist to an inspirational female fronting a shredding live band (anchored by badass drummer Jess Bowen). Although her recordings are competitive modern productions which perform well on playlists, her live show has a raw, intoxicating organic energy. She sold out her first ever headline shows (The Troubadour in LA; Mercury Lounge in NYC; two shows at Camden Assembly Hall in London), was brought on for main support for COIN in the spring and finally achieved her goal of bonafide rock-queen when she was offered her first festival slot at Lollapalooza (incidentally selected by Billboard as one of the 10 new festival acts to look out for in 2019).

During fall 2019, she had her first headline tours in the US and Europe with sold out shows in nearly every city. She was brought on as main support for AJR on their sold-out US theater tour. On October 25, the full length album "Bad Ideas" was released with outstanding DSP support - including a billboard in Times Square on release day. The sole songwriter on all but one of her releases, Tessa Violet is one to look out for. Her last three releases were “Smoke Signals” with Cavetown, fan-favorite off the album “Bored” featuring MisterWives, and her latest collaboration with Chloe Moriondo, who features on Tessa’s “Words Ain’t Enough.”

In addition to her recent releases, Tessa’s album track “Wishful Drinking” has exploded on TikTok in the past month. Since then, she has gained over 600k followers and her trend has been repeated by the likes of Jessica Alba, among others.

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Key Press

"A career in steady bloom to the very frills of lockdown, even a global shut down proved there was no slowing her down."

“One to break the mold, Violet was not content with a standard virtual concert tour, instead innovating her livestreams to make shows more interactive.”

“Games” [is] one of the standout tracks from Bad Ideas, featuring Violet’s colorful aesthetics, slick electro pop instrumentals, and one of the record’s most electrifying hooks."

"Violet and lovelytheband recreate that iconic thunderstorm baseball scene in Twilight's same blue tint."

"her quirky pop stride is far from a fluke."

“'Crush' and 'Bad Ideas,' are both confident and breezy additions to the indie-pop fold, and as this multifaceted artist continues to build her offline fanbase, she and her buoyant aesthetic are definitely worth a listen”

“…yellow-haired phenomenon taking indie pop by storm”

"Tessa Violet is about to be your new indie-pop go-to"

"... ongoing personal and professional relationship [among Tessa and Aidan, Carson, & Nolan of daysormay] ... continues to blossom today"

"And this deep in our isolation game [of quarantine], indie-pop artist Tessa Violet is still managing to keep herself busy (seemingly with a smile)."

'Verified' filming for "Crush"

Tessa Violet headlines SPIN’s Untitled Twitch Stream

"That type of boldness shines in the breadth of her work and in an optimism that suggests the best is yet to come."

“Bad Ideas is an introspective, emotional and honest journey”

"Violet’s music video is full of fannish details."

"The colourful, quirky Tessa Violet channels her love of music into a unique electro-pop sound and ambitious aesthetic."

"'Words Ain't Enough' is subtle and downcast, mired in the feeling of despondency that hits when you realise that you've been made a fool of."

“a guitar-driven, retro-tinged jam” [on "I Like (The Idea Of) You"]

"undeniable talent, ambition, and a magnetic mix of quirk and charm that has earned her a loyal fanbase."

"'Bad Ideas' is incredibly honest and delightful"

"the epitome of a quarantine anthem"

"Known for her vulnerability, forward-thinking, and colourful aesthetics, the singer is a true force of nature"

"honest, alluring, and instantly relatable."

“Tessa — through lyricism, poppy melody, and campy visuals — is able to turn a well-worn narrative on its head to create an engaging audio-visual experience.”