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We are a PR and marketing firm for music artists and events.

We work with artists and brands who inspire us.

We don’t settle for mediocre.

We live for this.

Your story is everything. We'll help you tell it.

Founded in 2013, Drill Down Media is a full-service music public relations firm based in Los Angeles. We are an industry leader in executing PR campaigns for music artists, songwriters, producers, and music-related events. Helmed by industry veteran Mark Simek, whose experience includes work in both the major label and major agency worlds, as well as artist management, Drill Down takes a holistic approach to PR, understanding its vital impact on the full scope of artist development.

Every great campaign starts with a comprehensive strategy and we ensure our clients attain opportunities across all relevant media ⏤ from music outlets, to fashion and culture magazines, to traditional news and lifestyle media, to filmed and television opportunities.

Drill Down's client base spans U.S. and international major labels, independent record labels, and fully indie artists, all of whom put their trust in us to deliver lasting, impactful results. Our services include national release campaigns, regional tour campaigns, image and branding consultation, as well as release and marketing strategy.

At our core, we are die-hard music fans ⏤ a passion that drives our relentless work to connect the dots for our clients and tell their stories in a way that leaves an impression in the minds and hearts of the public.

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