Key Press Quotes

Line of Best Fit

“Beginning with gentle verses awash with ambient synths and Lune’s tender vocal, the track launches into a technicolour chorus” on [“Healing Song”] – The Line of Best Fit

pop dust

“‘Healing Song,’ is unafraid of the emotional registers her well-schooled voice has the power to explore, using the contemporary formality of an EDM drop to explore the pop territory of the melisma” – POPDUST


“Dance pop perfection courtesy of Swedish artist Lune and her new track ‘Healing Song’” – Disco Belle


ultimate music

“a lovely and melodic synthpop gem infused with a quite atmospheric and dreamy vibe. The result is a magic piece” on [“Healing Song”] – Ultimate Music

low flying birds

“Lune’s vocals are fluid, harmonious, and intoxicating” – Low Flying Birds

high clouds v2

“…an enigmatic and melancholic new song” on [“Healing Song”] – High Clouds


“delicate, crystal pop, Martinsson’s voice gently meshing into subtle synths…it all explodes into a whopping chorus”- JA JA JA


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