Kelsey Bulkin



Key Press Quotes

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“thoughtful, ultra smooth lyrics are carried by a snappy beat that catches on almost instantly. If it wasn’t obvious, this is one fiery debut for this newly solo star.” –



“silky smooth electro-oddity” - Idolator


 nest hq

“[“Andromeda”] is rooted in emotional depth; it’s spacious and touching and toes the line between feelsy synthpop and R&B” – Nest HQ



“This song perfectly showcases her sultry vocals complimented by the minimalist downtempo production” – Jukely


Line of Best Fit

“a starry escapade that thrives on sparkly sparseness” – Line of Best Fit



“”Andromeda” brings Bulkin’s airy vocals to center stage with a tame, but vibrant beat.” – Stereofox

black plastic

“soft synths, shimmering guitar and stark percussion come together to make it a sensual electronic ballad” [on “Andromeda”] – Black Plastic


Atwood Magazine

“a musician whose softness, however elegiac and interpretive, can be felt by anyone familiar with the strength of human connection” – Atwood Magazine

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